Conduct of Students

The Honor's Code

Every student who accepts admission and enrolls at The College of Maasin thereby pledges to abide by the HONOR’S CODE. The Code states that each student pledges to:

a. Be neat, clean and decent in his/her attire;
b. Abide by all laws and regulations of the College;
c. Refrain from smoking in the campus and its immediate vicinity;

a. Refrain from copying somebody’s work

a. Regard the Administrators, Faculty, Staff, Fellow Students and Guests with utmost respect

a. Refrain from committing acts that may embarrass the school and bring dishonor to her name.

The HONOR’S SYSTEM is based on the philosophy that honor and self-discipline are attributes of the educated person.

General Directives

1. The enrollment of a student at The College of Maasin, is taken as an expression of one’s willingness to abide by the rules and regulations of the College. Both the students and parents/ guardians are committed to strictly observe the same.

2. Parents/Guardians or visitors are not allowed to enter the classroom during class hours. Messages, materials for the students must be coursed through the Security Desk.

3. In compliance with the CHED Memo no.25 Series of 2009, drug testing is hereby instituted among students of The College of Maasin. Refusal of any student to comply with the said memo shall be dealt with accordingly.

4. Students are expected to behave accordingly inside the classroom, corridors, in and out of the school campus. Sitting on the stairways, the corridors or in the hallways is prohibited to avoid disturbance. In moving along the corridors or in the hallways, students should observe proper decorum. Proper behavior should be observed whether the students are in and out of the campus.

5. School uniform and other related policies:

5.1. All students are required to come to the College in APPROPRIATE, DECENT, and CLEAN attire and therefore in regular class hours, not permitted to:

5.1.1. Wear bareback blouses, midrib, low necklines, spaghetti straps, miniskirts, sleeveless, tube style, tattered pants, long slits and shorts for females.
5.1.2. Wear shorts of any style, tight leggings, sandos, slippers or sandals and shirts without sleeves for males.
5.1.3. Wear Physical Education uniforms during academic classes. It should only be worn during PE classes or in campus games.
5.1.4. Wear attires offensive to the sensibilities of other members of the College
5.1.5. Wearing of earrings, long hair for male and same thing with tattoos, dyed hair for both male and female students are not allowed.

During uniform days, only students in complete uniform are allowed to enter the school premises and to be admitted to classes.

5.2. All students are required to properly wear their validated ID and nameplates at all times inside the campus. For purposes of identification, each student must secure an ID Card from the Registrar during the enrolment period.
An ID Card is valid for four (4) years provided validated every semester and/or summer and in the case of High School and Pre-Elementary pupils for one (1) school year.
The ID Card must be worn while inside the campus.

6. Smoking, possession of cigarettes, giving/selling of cigarettes, and drinking alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited within the campus vicinity/premises.

7. All students should attend classes on time and on a regular basis. If a professor/instructor comes late, the class president should take charge of the attendance. If after fifteen (15) minutes no faculty member comes, the class secretary or president should report the matter to the Dean.