Message from the President


“Re-Imaging CM in 100 Years and More…”

Warmest Christian greetings to the CM community, alumni and friends!

This academic year 2020-21 started with uncertainties in CM’s journey, it was and still in a volatile situation. However, it is also a challenging time for CM to re-discover its strength, to be resilient, creative, innovative and, deeply rooted with our confession “without God all is in vain”. It also teaches us the most important lesson and realization in life and of any organization & institutions – the value of people. People matters!

“Our darkest days are the best way to re-imagine our world anew!”

Now is the best time to re-image CM in its 100 years or more and on how CM would “look” in the next decade.

Maasin Insitute – The College of Maasin (MI-CM) had been through its “thick & thin” since its founding (1924).

A “rented bodega with kerosene can as chairs…” reminisced its humble beginnings, the only and preferred secondary school in the southern part of Leyte. When the 2nd world war broke out, MI ceased its operation but not its “spirit”. It re-opened after the war & re-invigorated to its best and excellence in the 50s & early 60s. It “dwindled” in the early 70s & 90s yet, with a surviving spirit, it continued to struggle to rise-up and reclaim its past stature of excellence in the late 90s & 20s gaining momentum for growth with the offering of new courses and breakthrough programs.

Along with this historical struggle of MI-CM is the evolution of its academic thrust to reclaim its excellence.

It started as a secondary school and held its excellence among its students & community in the field of leadership, literary & music. It evolved as a liberal arts & teaching educator producing excellent teachers & leaders. It spearheaded the offering of technical courses THE COLLEGE OF MAASIN “Nisi Dominus Frustra” R. Kangleon St., Maasin City, Philippines Tel. (053) 570-8149 * Fax (053) 570-9575 Website: response to the “need of the time”. It offered new and breakthrough courses and excelled on it.

CM’s quest for excellence continues and in the next decade need to re-imagine its academic niche.

Re-tracing our past and reading the “signs of time”, now is the best time to “re-image” CM – re-visit its Vision & mandate, define its academic niche and sustained its institutional life.

It shall also be the commitment of CM that in any development path it should take the benefit to people and clientele takes primacy. And, preservation & conservation of environment should always be considered and respected.

CM will set its “footprints” of 100 years in the lives of people in 3 years’ time! We look forward to it declaring “as we have been in the past, as we are now…and, what we will be in the future our CONFIDENCE is on GOD!

It has been and will always be empowering journey with you and the CM community.

This pandemic humbles us and keep us rooted that…” without God, we can do nothing!” (John 15:5)

“Nisi Dominus Frustra”.

Thank You and GOD BLESS.